Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day Of Kindergarten

 Tyler's first day of Kindergarten was August 26th. I feel like this is one of those days and moments that I have been preparing myself for. However, now matter how prepared I felt I still had tears the night before when I tucked Tyler in to bed and lots of tears when we walked him in to his classroom and walked away with out trying to look back and run back in for one last hug and a reminder to make good choices. Tyler was so excited and he would have been fine if there was car drop off that morning, so confident and excited to see what his day would hold for him.
Poppy and Ghee even came to be apart of Tyler's first day of school, which he loved. We are so thankful for all the many trips they have made with us to Brookshire as we prepared for the big move.
The first day and week of school was a little different than how I pictured, especially our first day of school of pictures. We could not get into our rent house until Labor Day weekend, so our first official week in Brookshire was spent at The La Quinta. If you know our kids that was a dream come true, who am I kidding it was dream come true for me, too. Free continental Breakfast (Ryan is probably missing their scrambled eggs and waffle bar), maid service (no making the bed), pool, and fitness center. I think I might have shed a tear, or two when we drove away from the La Quinta for the last time. ;) I will always look back at Ty's first day of school and smile, it is all apart of the memories and journey.
Thankfully, the first day went fast and Ty got in the car with a huge smile and stories. His favorite part of the day was PE and Lunch. I think those are probably still his favorite. Of course we ended Ty and Ryan's first day of the school year with a cookie cake. I started that last year and I think it will be a annual tradition.


  Ryan even had tears in his eyes when we walked out of Tyler's classroom. My favorite memory is we were all standing outside the school talking, and I finally said we better leave or I will have to walk back in and check on Ty. Well, Ryan did walk back in to check on Ty and he also showed back up for pick up 2 days in a row. I guess that is the perk of being a Deputy Superintendent, but all I see is a sweet Daddy that loves our biggest.  

I will say one of my favorite parts of this move and job opportunity is having the Administration building and schools so close to our house. We see Ryan a lot more during the week than we have in a long time. He still has a lot of evening commitments but he usually can run home and at least have a early dinner with us, which we all love. Another favorite, especially for Tyler is Ryan takes Tyler to school every morning. Ryan never had the opportunity to do that in the 3 years that Ty was at Christ Church so the special morning time they get to share is priceless.
 When days are hard and lonely for me, and I miss the familiarities of home, my family, and friends it is all the special opportunities we have to be together as a family that makes me thankful for this opportunity. Especially after the crazy and busy year our family had last year. This time is needed and cherished.    

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