Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Memories

     Tyler and Georgia Kate loved petting Charlie and Daisey.

If I have learned one thing about this move and Ryan's new position as Deputy Superintendent of a larger District, and also having a child that goes to school in the district is that you are at School or School events a lot... almost every night. Between Volleyball, Football, and PTO activities our weeknights are becoming full.

On Thursday before we headed to the JV Football game we noticed that the Agriculture building that is attached to the High School had some students and staff shaving goats. Therefore, we made a stop in to the building and they were all so sweet to Tyler and Georgia Kate and let them pet the goats. They are gearing up for a huge County Fair, so soon the whole building will be full of animals. I think we will be making another trip there during the week to explore and pet all the animals.
The District is gearing up for a huge Fall Festival at the end of October so planning is in full force, and that means extra weeknight meetings at the school. This is the first year for this type of festival so it will be neat to see the growth through the years. On Friday the Varsity played in Sealy so we made the trip to cheer on the Falcons.

Also I should state for the record that I think I have been to more football games this year than I have been to since my Sophomore year in High School and I was required to attend those games. ;) Granted I know that I don't have to go to all these events with Ryan, but I feel that it is way for us to be able to spend more time as a family. I also want to support Ryan and this District, because I feel it shows in the community that we are invested to this area and the School District. Sure it may still not feel like home to me, but I'm determined to grow together as a family on this new journey we are on,  and do all we can to make an impact in this area and most importantly Royal ISD.


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Heather B. said...

So glad to see y'all are doing well!!!