Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday Night Lights

Friday evening we spent our evening cheering on the Royal Falcons. It was a full Friday of gearing up for the big game. We started with a fun Pep Rally at the High School after. We even had Poppy and Ghee with us. Tyler loved having 2 extra carpool guests in the car with us. They drove in on Friday morning and stayed the night with us. We loved having them with us.
 It was a fun game even though I was running up and down the bleachers with Georgia Kate the whole time. I think we spent the majority of the first half playing and running underneath the bleachers. I think I finally got GK to stand/dance in place when the bands started. After half time I felt it was a good time take GK home and Tyler stayed with Ryan. I realized on Friday I thankful I am to be apart of of a bigger school district. This opportunity is providing some wonderful and fun memories. I also like that Royal's colors are my favorite colors, and Ryan treated me and GK to matching red TOMS to wear to football and Royal events.
On Saturday we drove back to Temple to do some minor touch ups and load up some more of our items that were in our storage shed. I think we have almost everything out of our old house... thank goodness because we are running out of room in our rent house and garage. We still have not sold our house, but we continue to pray for the right buyer at the right time. It will all work out. We made it back to Brookshire, yesterday afternoon.
We are ready to start a new week here and and continue to explore our new surroundings.

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