Monday, September 23, 2013

My Hardest Goodbye

This beautiful and peaceful spot was by far my hardest goodbye during our move. I never even imagined moving and not being close to Landry's grave site.  I know that he is not there, and I'm beyond thankful for that. However, there is just something about this spot that I find peaceful and I loved knowing that I could drive by and stop anytime. Which I would do as much as I could. The cemetery was really close to our house in Temple. I drove past it several times a day, so that made it easy to stop.
The last time I went before the move brought me to tears. I sat on Landry's rock and wept. So hard to walk away that day.
This move has been very bittersweet, but I can tell that God is slowly working on my heart. This is where God has us right now and I need to be thankful and enjoy this time. Adjusting is happening slowly, but like all things it is a process and one that takes time.    

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