Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Wrap Up

We felt very safe this Halloween with our very own Police Officer. Officer Ty kept us safe as we hit the streets. Most importantly Officer Ty made sure that that his little Criminal, Georgia Kate did not steal any more Halloween Candy. Georgia Kate was a very well behaved Prisoner last night and did not steal any of her Brothers candy.
I love a good theme when it comes to Halloween and could not resist making GK a Prisoner when Tyler told us he wanted to be a Police Officer. I know it is only a matter of time before GK will decide what she would like to be, but I will try to keep the Halloween theme costumes going for as long as I can. They were both so adorable last night and a big hit!    

We went Trick or Treating with the Superintendent's Family and two of their girls. We love this family and are so thankful to be in the same District with them. We rode on back of there trailer and Ty and GK thought that was so so much fun. They both sat so still and just took everything in. Gk never left my left lap and when it was time to get out and go door to door GK followed right along and got very good at saying Trick or Treat and Thank you.
We had such a fun night and the candy is already put away in a Cabinet. I think we have all had our fill of candy for a long while, or at least I have. ;)

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