Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

Germs strike again! I'm sure your thinking weren't you sick last week? YES!!! Ty and Georgia Kate were well for a few days and then early Monday morning Gk threw up and then seemed fine yesterday but we still stayed home all day just in case, and then last night it struck again. But then of course seemed ok this morning. I started going about our morning routine when the phone rings. Guess who? The School Nurse telling me that Ty was in her office because he just threw up. REALLY?!?! When it rains it pours. Tyler got sick one more time when we got home but has been doing ok the rest of the day. Something is going around, again.
 Ty and GK were just chasing one another around the house so I'm hoping and praying for a good evening and tomorrow. I know we would all like to get back with our weekly routine and Tyler back at School for a full week. Now for me and Ryan to stay healthy..... I have been washing my hands like crazy. We have family coming in town this weekend and I just pray that we can all have a good weekend with family.
I guess when it rains it pours! Once again I am off to wash and clean everything in sight. I have been cleaning, laundry, and washing my hands over and over again today.

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