Monday, November 18, 2013


Tyler had a very successful Soccer game on Saturday. Ghee and Poppy were there to cheer on Tyler so Ryan let Tyler be the Team Captain for this game and that is a special treat for each player. Being Team Captain gives you the opportunity to go out on the field before the game and be apart of the coin toss to decide who gets to kick off first. 

I'm not sure if it was Ghee and Poppy being at the game or the fact that Tyler got to be Team Captain, but Tyler scored 4 GOALS!! Tyler was so excited and his team played very well. I say it every year but I love watching the progress each and every weekend. Our Soccer Saturday was so fun and I'm proud of our biggest for always trying his best at everything he does.
 The Season is rapidly coming to an end, but there is no rest for our sport fanatic boy. Basketball is next in line and we are all signed up and ready.
 We are actually going to our first Royal Falcon Basketball game this evening. I might actually get to watch the game since we don't have GK with us. No worrying about chasing our girl as she runs on the court during a game.... phew. ;) Just some time with our biggest.  

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