Monday, November 11, 2013

The Many Faces

Georgia Kate adores big kids and really loves everyone on Ty's team. It is good thing that everyone on Ty's team love and adore her, as well. ;) I think GK makes a great team manager because she is always patting people on the back, especially her big brother  and I think she probably gives some good pep talks to the players to get them excited. Our girl never misses a big moment.

We had Soccer Sunday instead of Soccer Saturday this past weekend. Tyler played really well, and once again I was able to watch part of the game. However, Tyler loves to play at the park almost as much as Georgia Kate does so we usually walk over to the park after the game so Ty can enjoy it as well.
I love how precious Tyler and Georgia Kate are when they are together. They truly adore one another, although some moments you would think that all they do is yell and fight. Yesterday morning they were yelling and fighting over a toy. GK stole something and or would not share and Tyler was so mad. I was trying my best to calm the storm when Ryan said to me, I love listening to the fighting. At first I was thinking are you crazy, but then today when I had time to reflect on the fighting and their relationship Ryan was right on. 3 years ago we mourned and wept over how much we wanted the noise and fighting of siblings. I'm still amazed at how one precious boy puts so much perspective on life and what is really important. God has restored our home and blessed us with fighting and yelling that can only be had by siblings that love each other so very much. 
So, the next time Tyler is trying trying to put GK in time out and she is roaring at him, I will sit and stare and be thankful for all the noise before I try to calm the storm.      

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lvaught said...

love those faces! miss y'all! sweet post!