Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TWO Year Check Up

Man, I'm sure missing this sweet face. I think we all are, and our house is defiantly not the same with out her. However, it has been nice to be able to just have some one on one with Tyler. I'm also trying to enjoy my days and try and accomplish tasks that our hard to do with GK. For example... I treated myself to a pedicure today. I never do that, and my toes were in need of attention. :) I also went to local Salon in Brookshire so it felt good to support a local business.
This evening is PTO so that means Ryan and Tyler will get some one on one time together.
On Thursday Morning Georgia Kate finally had her Two year old check up at our new Pediatrician Clinic. I was very pleased with the office and at first meeting I really enjoyed her Pediatrician as did Georgia Kate, which is important. I felt she was very patient and took her time with us and happy to answer my questions. I was very thankful that Georgia Kate was all caught up on her shots, because that might have changed her outlook. ;) Georgia Kate weighed 27 pounds and her height was 35.25" Our precious girl is growing up so fast.
 Next up getting rid of her bee bee "pacifier" and potty training. I have tried potty training before, because she has been telling us for a while when she goes pee pee and poo poo, so I thought she was ready.... just not ready to do it in the potty. I tried a few months ago and it was a definite struggle.
We will see how it all goes when the time is right.... I know it needs to be sooner rather than later.
No matter what we are just thankful for Georgia Kate!

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