Monday, November 18, 2013

Gradparent Weekend

Part of our weekend festivities were having my parents here for a long visit. It had been a little over month since we had seen them, and when you are used to living in the same the same town and seeing them on a regular basis, over a month is just a little too long, well for me it is.
Ghee and Poppy came in on Thursday just in time to pick up Tyler from school. Ty and Georgia Kate were so excited to see them and just soaked up every minute with them.
Tyler wanted Ghee and Poppy to take him to school on Friday and have breakfast and walk him to class. I have never been invited to have breakfast with him. ;) I'm just so thankful for that special time they were able to have with Tyler.
I was able to do some shopping with my Mom which I always love. I would call our shopping trip a success. While I was shopping with my Mom, Poppy got to spend some one on one time with Georgia Kate. He adored his time with our girl and they even enjoyed a nap together on the sofa.
I can't begin to tell you just how good it was for my heart to have them here with us for a few days. This move has really made me treasure all of our time with family. We are so blessed and thankful by having so many precious members that love and support us.       

Abilene Christian played close to us on Saturday afternoon, so Ryan's parents came in to town for the game and a short visit. We had a full house on Saturday night. All of the family left yesterday, including Georgia Kate. Nana and Papa wanted her to come for a week long visit. We will be reunited with her on Saturday. Yes, I said WEEK!!! Be still my heart. There might have been a few tears when she drove away. I really had to be strong and let her go, but it was so hard to pack her up to leave. However, this has been a gentle reminder of just how much our families adore our children, all 3 of them. They always go above above and beyond to love, care for, and honor our children. Thankful and Blessed.
Once again our house is quiet. Our sweet Biggest does not like being by himself, and misses GK so much. We all love that precious girl so much. However, we are really trying to savor all of this special alone time with him this week. Is it time to pick up Tyler, yet?!? :)

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