Monday, October 29, 2012

My Little Leaguers

Tyler, Georgia Kate, and even our precious Landry play a huge role in my involvement with the Junior League. There are few times that I have to bring Ty and GK with me to JL , and I was reminded last Tuesday when I had to be at our Project S.M.I.L.E. event ( Community project with our local Children's Hospital) early for set up.
Ty was really excited about being able to go to the Children's Hospital with me, he always asks when he can come with me. Although, I think he thought I was a nurse or doctor when I do my volunteer work there, because he asked me why I was not going to the rooms to check their heart beat and make them feel better. :) I had to explain that there are other ways to help others feels better.
As I looked back on these moments where Ty and even GK are assisting me and HEB get everything ready for some very special patients I realized why I assist our Community, because I believe that I am making a deep impact on my family by leading them to love and care for others. I believe that my precious children are already following in my footsteps as they participate in league activities, and reflect my heart in their smiles.  

See Ryan, the craziness of this year and the occasional tears are totally worth it!! :)  

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