Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smash Cake

The pictures with Georgia Kate and Tyler are my favorite, because it captures the pure sweetness of their relationship. They really do adore one another.

As I have mentioned before I have an amazing friend that has just started a photography business. Well, the rest of her family could not make the party sense she had photo shoot that was during the same time as GK's party. The best part is the the session was with our next door neighbors, so she came a little a early to capture some of the most amazing pictures of Georgia Kate experiencing her 1st Birthday cake.
I don't think GK knew what to do with the cake, she put her hands in it and then immediately took them out to show me. :)  I think she tried a little just because I gave her a taste. Well, we still made a mess and there was icing all over her and me. We did a quick sponge bath and came back to enjoy the rest of the party.
I am so thankful for these precious memories that were captured.

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