Monday, October 22, 2012

GK's Party

 I was very pleased with how cute the cup cakes turned out. I got them from Wal Mart, and all I did was tell them how many of each color, and then we arranged ourselves.
 Precious Smash Cake
 Fruit and vegetables in the shape of a rainbow. Also skittles and rainbow colored goldfish were perfect rainbow themed snacks.
 My favorite. It did take several trips to Target and Wal Mart for copies, but so worth it!

On Saturday afternoon we celebrated Georgia Kate with a Rainbow 1st Birthday party! Coming up with the theme was very easy and fitting for our precious girl. You see, the babies born after a sibling has gone to Heaven is called a "Rainbow Baby".
I was pleased with how simple it was to put together a rainbow party, you can turn almost anything in to a rainbow. I even found a rainbow pinata at our local Party store, it was used as a wreath for the door and then the pinata for the older kids.  But, I think I really need to thanking Pinterest for all of the creative ideas and my Mom for helping all this ideas become a reality. I have so many pictures, so I will have to break up the posts.
Saturday was perfect. I am beyond thankful for all of our amazing family and friends that came to help us celebrate our little Rainbow.


Sarah Erwin said...

Such a PRECIOUS party! Love it!

Mary Beth and Travis said...

LOVE the party theme and decor- adorable!!! Happy first birthday, Georgia Kate!!! :)