Tuesday, October 2, 2012


There is something so wonderful about Landry's gravesite during the fall.


Yesterday Morning after I left the gym I made my weekly stop at HEB for groceries. GK fell asleep on the way home from HEB. After unloading all the groceries while GK snoozed in the car, I decided that since she was still asleep and it was almost time to keep up Ty that I would stop by by Landry's site and add his fall decor. It was an absolutely beautiful morning, so I rolled down the windows and let GK snooze some more.
It felt wonderful to do a little clean up and add some fall to Landry's site. It was just the most peaceful feeling in the world, and it was a feeling that I was in need of. The past few days I have been stressed, overwhelmed, and completely run down by certain tasks in my life. Basically, I have not felt good enough or capable to handle certain jobs that I have been given. However, the moments of quiet that I had with Landry made all of that disappear. It did not take long for GK to wake up, but I was thankful for that special time. It did my heart and mind some good.
I actually made another pit stop by Landry's site today, as well. There is just something special about this year, and a sense of calm feels the air when I am there.   

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