Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Rest Of The Story

Ty loves looking up to the BIG Football players.
Our Future Cheerleader in a box of pom poms at Daddy's Pep Rally.

 I guess I should tell you the rest of the story behind last night's post. Tt was one of those non stop days, where I was was in my car more than I was at home or anywhere for that matter. Also a day when Ryan had a football game and I had a JL commitment.
Ryan had a football game out out of town, but he offered to take with him. Well, Ty was thrilled and so excited to ride the school, he might have been more excited about the bus ride than the football game. Ryan sent me a text on the way to game and said that Ty was sitting in the back with all the guys (big kids according to Ty) Yes, our Ty was loving it. I know Ryan loved having Ty with him that night, and I am so thankful for that special time that got to have. Georgia Kate spent a couple of hours with her Ghee and Poppy while I was at my event. I am so thankful that on days when we both have stuff going on I don't have to worry about Ty and GK, it helps me feel much for comfortable about this year and the commitments I have made. Thank you.
I got Ty to Westphalia in time to watch the Pep Rally and both Ty and GK loved it. GK clapped like crazy. You know the day was a success when you pass out on a school bus! 

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