Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Week Of Thanksgiving

 My Aunt is always the best hostess and always has cute wine charms. What a wonderful Thanksgiving.
 Happiness. Me with my three beautiful and amazing Cousins, we missed you Lauren
 GK had enough, sweet Amma just smiling.
 Precious Moments. Tyler and Georgia Kate loved my cousins little girl, Abbie,
What a Thanksgiving week. I am kind of sad to see it go but I just keep thinking Christmas break is close behind. It is always nice to have a week where routine goes out the door, in some ways. I really tried hard to take a break from everything and just focus on my family and creating special memories.
Our week was filled with lots of family and I even had a really fun girls night last night. Tyler got to spend a couple of days in Fort Worth with Ryan's family and he had a great time playing with a lot of his cousins. It was very strange to just have Georgia Kate, but it was also fun to focus on her. Ryan still had to work Monday and Tuesday and Basketball games on Tuesday so we had a lot of girl time. However, she missed Tyler like crazy. She was so HAPPY to have him home, again.... as were we all.
On Thanksgiving day we headed to Austin to my Aunt and Uncles house and got to spend the day eating, laughing, and of course watching football. I will say they have the best view to watch a game, so I did not mind at all. I loved being around my cousins and Tyler and Georgia Kate loved playing with Abbie. The best part of the day was spending it with my Gramma. It has been many years since we have been able to celebrate with her, so Thanksgiving was extra special and it really has been so wonderful to have her close. Such a special Thanksgiving, it really was such a good day.
Friday it was time to start decorating our house, it is finally begining to look a lot like Christmas. Saturday we had family pictures taken by a amazing friend and photographer. It was a full hour of trying to make Georgia Kate sit, look at the camera, and smile... we tried everything. :) Ty of course was loving all the flashes and attention. I hope we got that our Christmas care worthy. I do love Christmas cards and can't wait to start getting them in the mail. Today was a down day as we gear up for School and routine. We had a great week, and this week and next week are busy... so I think a week off was good and might help us get through the following weeks, I hope. 

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