Thursday, November 29, 2012

Landry's Legacy

Last year, Ryan started working out at a local Crossfit gym (named Crossfit DSP). Crossfit DSP is having its second annual Wod-a-palooza on the weekend of December 8-9. As a way of giving back, they have chosen to donate money to Landry’s Legacy. If you want to read about the event, the website is

I am still humbled to this day of the impact Landry's life has made on others. I was also blown away and brought to tears when I saw my sons name on a marquee. I still beam with bride when I see this and I also find myself making several trips past this a day. :) Thank goodness it is close to our house.

One of the Admins of the website had this to say about Landry on one of his posts: We think you will agree that Landry was a crossfitter and fighter at heart.

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