Friday, November 9, 2012

Project Prom and Beyond

I love our JLBC Volunteers. Thank you!

Nicole, Nikki, and Megan.

Kids in the Kitchen Co- Chairs with local Chef. Thank you Jen and Kate.

Awesome JL Husbands that have trucks and cute kids. :) Thank you!!
Last Saturday JLBC hosted our first Project Prom and Beyond event. Project Prom is one of our Community Projects where we work with Counselors or CIS Directors to give us names of 4 or more Senior girls that because of financial or personal needs may be able to go to prom. Because of generous donations we able to provide these young women with a dress of their choice, shoes, jewelry, and a gift certificate for hair. I love this project. This year we decided to reach the girls earlier as to be able to form a relationship with them. We were very fortunate to have a local gym hear about our project. T3 Titan Total Fitness sponsored our fall event and even let use his his facilities. The Owner, Ike Shaw and his story of how he got to where he is today is amazing. The girls loved him. The morning was filled with a mini boot camp, of course I did it with them! We also included our amazing Kids In The Kitchen program and had a chef come and give tips and cook a great lunch for the girls and their guests. Such an amazing day.
We ended it with a local motivational speaker who was awesome and I found myself in tears and had goose bumps several times. I realized that all the time that I spend away from my family is because I have a deep love for others in need and JLBC. Moments like last Saturday make it all worth it. To top off our fall event T3 gave every young women there a lifetime membership to work out there, I have heard that three of the girls that attended Saturday have been there every day since Monday. That puts a smile on my face.We are unable to take pictures but I met 11 amazing teens last Saturday that I can't wait to watch grow this year. Those are just the ones that came Saturday, we will have several more closer to Prom. We really are doing the most good! Thank you JLBC, Volunteers.    

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