Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mark Your Moment

This year we wanted to have a special Christmas tree at the Children's Hospital that marked the Junior League Project S.M.I.L.E. event. Therefore, starting at our first event in September all the kids that came down to our event got to make a special ornament, along with their family members that is now hanging on our "Mark the Moment" tree. A few of our members/volunteers made one as well. It is a 7 foot sweet and meaningful tree.
A local florist in town does all the decorating at both Hospitals in town, and this florist does so much for Junior League. Therefore we provided the tree and ornaments and they gave it some tender loving care and made it beautiful. I had such a wonderful time with Kristen, our Project S.M.I.L.E. Chair and she is also one of my Members at large on the board. We thought it would be very fast to hang and put up.... which it was but Precious Memories, the florist needed our help so we put bows on wreaths and hung them on all the patient doors to their room. It really was beautiful to see so many wreaths lining the patient floors. I know it will bring some much needed Christmas cheer to families this year.
The best part is I am now inspired to decorate our house. Ryan, actually took out all of our Christmas stuff today (it is all lined up in our living room waiting for me). I guess he knew I would be inspired, because he did it while I was gone. :)

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