Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday Ty's class got to visit a Pumpkin Patch that is walking distance from their school. It actually was fairly cold out. I pushed GK in her stroller and she enjoyed her first time to the pumpkin patch.
Ty was not in the best mood, and did not feel like being a good listener that day as well, so I had a really hard time with him. Actually, that day made me question if I should go on any more field trips with him... I hate that but he really was just awful and then threw a huge melt down drag out fit in front of the majority of his school. It was a horrible Mom moment, and I broke down later in the car. But, I guess we have our moments and days. I truly love being able to go with Ty and his class and GK really loves it. She adores all the sweet girls in Ty's class and they all adore her as well, they all want to carry the baby. So sweet.
We are really having a wonderful Fall and can't wait for all that November holds.

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