Monday, November 12, 2012

Set Up

Saturday was a huge success and really a lot of fun. I am so thankful, that I can say that. Even though the days leading up to it and the day of with set up... yes there were hectic times and moments but we know how to laugh and just have fun.
I have even had my bunch their for a while during set up, Ty loved it because a little girl from his class was there. He was so excited to see her. Junior League has become a family affair this year, at times. So thankful for thier support.
Of course I am not able to download any pictures right now, so this is what you get. I will try to update soon and share more, but of course our League's General Membership meeting is tomorrow evening. The best part is it's the last GMM of this year, WOW! The league has flown. I can tell you that I am ready for a little down time, of course we still have events but it is fun and light events.
                                                               Amazing Volunteers.

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