Sunday, April 28, 2013


On Friday afternoon after a few rain showers we were ready to get of out the house. Tyler felt like loading up some toys and a soccer ball in to the wagon as we made our way to the park. Of course, Georgia Kate took over the bucket of toys.... we are working on sharing but we still have some work to do. ;)
I will just say that GK was mesmerized by the bucket, dump truck, and rocks. She sat there for 15 -20 minutes, pouring and dumping. I was thinking don't you want a baby to hold and go down the slide with? I was also thinking that I am glad that Ty had a Soccer Ball so he could play Soccer in the soccer field, because GK was not giving up her new found toys.
So thankful for our children and how unique they are. They are special in their own way, and I love watching their budding personalities.

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