Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A League Of Our Own

Last night marked our last Project S.M.I.L.E. event of this League year. What a great year of monthly (sometimes twice) projects. Still hard to believe that they over and last night marked my last Community Project event as President. It still all seems so very bittersweet to me. I know the excitement will kick in soon, but I am not there just yet.
I will say last night was a great way to end. The theme for this moth was "A League of our Own". I am sure you can guess, but baseball was the theme and the patients and their families played fun filled games with baseballs, decorated baseball hats, and pennants. Plus, there were tons of baseball goodies to collect and popcorn to munch on.
 Also, we chose this theme and event to highlight and honor our past. In the lobby we had refreshments and pictures highlighting JLBC through the years. We had a wonderful turn out and we were so thankful to our wonderful Sustainers that came out and shared their league memories with us. I mean check out this awesome group of past and present league volunteers. I am so thankful to be apart of this amazing legacy and even more thankful to have had the privilege of serving as President. I truly hope and pray that one day Georgia Kate finds a place for Junior League in her heart. Beyond thankful and blessed to be apart of such a powerful and inspirational organization.
Well, my final role of President is really dwindling because I just wrote my end of the year letter to Membership, which I sent to Ryan to review and read. Such a wonderful "First" Husband. I know he is ready to celebrate the end of this year and journey. One step closer.  

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