Monday, April 8, 2013


 Saturday was a back to back game day. Tball game at 11 and Soccer game at 12!!!! And Ryan is the coach for both teams... It was a mad dash and changing in the car as fast you can after our first game to get to the second game kind of morning. Phew that makes me tired all over again, and thankfully that does not happen again this season, I don't think....
I thought Tyler would be tired from just playing in another game, but not Tyler. Ryan would agree with me, he hardly gets tired. I mean after both games we were sitting at lunch and he asked if we could go to the basketball park and play basketball... really, how about a nap? ;) Of course, Ryan took him while I got ready to head out, again and GK was napping. After all that he went to a friends house to play. Oh, how I wish I had Tyler's energy. So thankful for every moment with this precious and energetic boy, man I am going to miss him like crazy next year.

  Priceless. Victory moment after scoring a goal. Just had to make XL!


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