Friday, April 26, 2013

Karaoke Fun

Last Saturday evening, Ryan and I attended a 10 year Anniversary Celebration, Karaoke style. If you know me I love to sing and perform, and so does Ryan.... he may not admit it, but he does.  Seriously, we had a long play list in our head and I think both of us were at the mic almost all night long. ;) We had such a great time with some of our favorite friends.
This night was also a big step for us, as we left the kids with a "real" babysitter.... not Ghee and Poppy. My parents were out of town for a funeral so I immediately thought of our sweet Middle School age girl that lives across the street. She and her family were so excited so it worked out perfect. We put GK to bed and Ty and Kendall had popcorn and watched a movie. Ty loves our neighbors so he was so excited to have her come over and watch him while we were gone. So thankful to have a back up if we ever need one.
Thank goodness the weekend is upon us and all we have planned is a Soccer game. Sometimes we need a slow weekend to re group and re energize. Especially, since May is jam packed. Hard to believe it is almost May. This year is flying by.

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