Monday, April 8, 2013

Strike Out

Obviously I was more tired than I thought when I did my last post, because Ryan had to correct me on several items that I messed up on, or spelled wrong. ;) Well, at least I know he reads this.
First up- Tyler is wearing a Tball uniform, we do not call them outfits. Well, at least I did not say costume.
Second up- Tyler is the Catcher, not the Pitcher. I really do know the difference just got them mixed up. ;) I am sure some of you were looking at the pictures thinking.... since when do the pitchers where a catcher's mask and stand behind the tee by the umpire. Sorry to confuse.
These were pictures Ghee took from her phone. Such a big boy and look at that hit! Next game is up tonight and Thursday. We also throw Soccer in to that sport mix, as well.
Sorry for any confusion from the last post. I got some much needed rest last night and had a great work out this morning, so feeling refreshed and energized.

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