Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Of The Season

 Tyler had his first Tball game of the season yesterday and I will admit I got a little weepy seeing him all dressed in the Tball outfit. Our precious biggest is growing up right before eyes, and the fact that he has Kindergarten Round Up on Wednesday is really not helping, plus my last board meeting of the League year on Tuesday night. I might need to stock up on tissue before Tuesday... because I'm going to be a crying mess all week. ;)
There is something about Tyler in a baseball uniform, he looks so precious. Ghee agreed with me as, well. ;) Tyler did well and loved that his Daddy put him as the pitcher, and when it was his tun to hit he made a huge hit. He loved every minute of it and can't wait for another game, tomorrow. Yes, our weeks are now officially FULL with Soccer and Tball. But, Tyler is loving both still, so we will love them right along with him. So proud of our biggest! Way to go Tyler and Temple Rangers, like I said before... perfect name for our family.
As I am sitting here blogging this afternoon and enjoying my second cup of coffee.... yes, the end of the week about wore me out. Thursday started a busy couple of days for us, and it ended with 4 different activities for me, yesterday alone. Tball, Soccer, Project Prom, and Girls Night. Therefore I feel like I am finally able to sit and catch up on things. This week is full, as well. I don't see things slowing down until May... gotta love Spring. Most importantly we are trying to enjoy every moment during this Season of our life and make precious memories as a family.

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