Thursday, October 31, 2013

School Halloween Party

This afternoon Ty's class had their Halloween party and it was so much fun. I loved being able to help and be apart of Tyler's class party. Georgia Kate was good and just loved being in Tyler's class with all the big kids. She wanted to do everything they did, and she even got all the treats that the class got, too. Lucky girl.
I tried so hard to get a picture of Tyler and GK looking at me but oh my goodness you would have thought my kids had never seen food before. I don't by a lot sweets for our house, especially candy and you would have thought Ty and GK hit the jack pot. I was so thankful for the fruit on their plates. Because, we are only going to get more candy, tonight. I"m going to start hiding all the treats starting tomorrow from the kids, and maybe myself.... ;) I might have Ryan hide it and not tell us where it is. 
You know Halloween is not one of my favorite Holiday's, but I do love seeing all the kids dressed up. So cute and creative.
Today was a great way to prepare for a fun evening of Trick Or Treating. It will be a new adventure for us as we explore what our new community has to offer. Part of misses the familiarity of our old neighborhood today, and being surrounded by neighbors and friends. Well, change and trying new things is all apart of this new adventure.  

 Can you spot the new Student? GK loved being apart of everything.
 We are so thankful for a wonderful Teacher for Tyler this year. Ty loves her and his class. So thankful for a positive experience for him.

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