Sunday, June 24, 2012

8 and 23 Months

On Friday, Georgia Kate turned 8 months old. Of course my camera is at Best Buy again, I seriesly have the worst luck with cameras.... I hope I get it back this week. So, I have not been able to take our monthly sticker picture. I have really needed this weekend, because on Friday Morning when I walked in to get Georgia Kate out of her crib she was sitting up... I have never even seen her try to get from a laying down to sitting position, so I could not believe my eyes when I saw her sitting there. Our little Miss was so excited she started flapping her arms up and down, that is her version of clapping. :) GK is turning in to a little girl right before our eyes. She truly is our sunshine and lights up any room. Stay turned for another 8 month post with pictures.
Today, is Landry's 23 month marker. How can it be that we are a month away from his 2nd Birthday. I have been missing him like crazy lately. It is hard to believe that July and all the bittersweet days and memories that it holds for our family is right around the corner. I was able to sneak away by myself this afternoon to go water Landry's flower and I was thankful for that "quiet" time I could have. My heart is heavy today, as I think of our little fighter. However, the leagcy that he left behind is truly amazing. I am humbled beyond words at the precious gifts God has given us.
We had friends in town over the weekend, so we had a full weekend. So thankful for all the friends that God has put in our life and the memories that we share. Now, I am resting up for a softball game.... for some reason I said yes to playing, again..... who plays softball in 100 degree weather? ;) At least I got a team shirt, so I guess it is offical.

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