Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swim Friends

We fianlly made it to swim lessons yesterday Morning. Hopefully, we will make it a full week next week..... Tyler was very nervous and skiddish yesterday about lessons, and he even wore a swim float which he has not worn all Summer. Today, he was so ready for lessons and did not need a float and looked great in the water. So proud of him for warming up and being so independent this Morning at lessons. We even had to go simming this afternoon at a pool close to our house so he could show me his new skills. Not sure if we will ever go back to that pool again...yikes. That probably deserves its own post. ;)
The best part of swim lessons are good friends. Last year we started lessons with the Belson's and Lanham's and we continued that tradition this year as well. Such sweet swimming friends!  

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