Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wet N Wild Wednesday

 Drip Drip Drop.... the kids loved this one, well I think they love anything with Water!
 Noah and Nettie
 The kids loved Impact and their amazing leaders. We will defiantly do this again next year.
Yesterday was Wet n Day for Impact and boy did the kids have a blast. There were water guns, water balloons, and buckets, and buckets of water. Seeing the pure joy on all of the kids faces this week was so powerful.
We are actually just coming back inside from our last Impact at our house. It is hard to believe the week has come to a end. Ty had a lot of hugs for the "big" girls that lead our group. Tomorrow we end with a Carnival at our church and we will come together with all other Impact kids. I know it will be a powerful evening as we see how God has been working in our neighborhoods and Community this week.
What a absolute blessing to be apart of such an amazing Church Body. So thankful tonight for our Church and amazing friends and neighbors that spent their week with us.
Tomorrow is also the end of Camp Wildflower, and I have been so impressed with Tyler during his time there. He is getting to be such a big boy. Thankfully, next week we start swim lessons.... no stopping us, yet. Tyler loves having plans. :) What a awesome week.

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