Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Sun" Moments

Some of my favorite "Sun" pictures. No matter if we are swimming in a pool, splashing in a kiddie pool, or running through our home made slip and slide our kids love the sun and water. I love the precious memories we are creating this Summer and the closer we are getting to July I find myself clinging to these memories and finding ways to create more memorable memories for us. My heart needs these moments right now. I am sure you can guess what we did today.... swimming. Ryan went to play Frisbee golf in the heat and the kids and I cooled off from the heat by swimming. A perfect day for both of us. I even got to go and work / paint this morning at the Second Hand Rose so I think we had a productive Saturday.
 I just put GK to to bed and now I am going to go cuddle on the couch and watch Cars with 2 of my boys. A perfect Saturday if you ask me.  

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