Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Special Suit

If this swim suit could talk it would have some stories to tell, because you see this was my swim suit when I was a baby. I am sure I was the same same as Georgia Kate when I wore it since we are both October babies. It is so special to be able to pass something down to GK that was once mine... now if GK has a daughter one day then she can wear it well. I love that thought.
What a week. Tyler loves Camp Wildflower, golf so far has been his favorite. He likes lunch, too. I get a full report on the choices for lunch. Tyler really loves Impact. He was so disappointed when Impact was cancelled last night due to weather, but boy did our amazing Youth Leaders make up for it tonight and we had several new faces which was amazing! Such an honor and humbling experience that we can open up our yard to neighbors and friends to come learn about Jesus. So thankful for Summer and all that it is providing our family with this year.

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Jen said...

And the suit looks like a rainbow- just like sweet GK!!!