Monday, June 18, 2012

Time Out

When I visioned my blog post today I had pictured sharing all about Tyler's first day of Swim Lessons. Well, sometimes you have to change your plans when the swimmer wakes up in the middle of the night, SICK!! That is right, now swimming for us today..... instead we were at the Clinic getting checked for Strep, and sure enough that is what we have. Poor Ty is absolutely miserable. One we got him on some anti nausea pills (prescribed because he got really sick in the Doctors office) Amoxicillin, and Advil he got his second wind and was actually playing golf outside with Ryan. Well, that second wind faded and when it did he went down hill fast. I am about to wake him from one of many naps today (you know Ty is sick when he sleeps/naps during the day... our boy never naps) and give home another dose of medicine. I hope it starts sticking very soon... it breaks my heart seeing him like this. I also hope that his nasty germs will stay away for the rest of us. I have been washing my hands and Clorox wipes have been wiped over everything and anything that does not move. :)
Well, I am not sure when we get to swim lessons, but I think right now it is important to rest and get all better.. cuddles help, too. Sometimes I think slowing down is needed, and it is always important to take some time out for a bit.

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Lisa said...

Ugh, we have been sick too. Feel better soon Ty!