Monday, June 24, 2013

Crossfit Family

Tyler was able to attend all three days of Crossfit Kids last week. Since we had the cousins in town, and Ty was the only one in class last week Coach Sally let Jacob, Callie, and Caleb participate. They all loved it and I enjoyed having 30 minutes not having to entertain and keep busy. Ryan took the day off last Thursday which I was so thankful for. It was niece to have the extra hands during the day to help. Crossfit Kids was so much fun last week and Georgia Kate loves trying everything, as well. Such a fun break from the summer heat.  
Ty is going to miss all this week due to another Vacation Bible School he is attending during the morning this week. 

Georgia Kate adores Crossfit Kids. Don't worry Poppy,  Coach Sally barely pushed GK on the sled... it was very slow. ;) GK has really perfected the art of Burpee!

After Crossfit kids on Thursday we celebrated with going to Lions Junction Water Park. Another Favorite spot for all. We stayed very, very busy last week. But it worked and we all survived. Even if I was in bed by 9pm on Friday evening. Exhausting but fun.

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