Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

Every Wednesday our Movie Theater has a $1 Movie day. They showed The Smurfs, today. I decided this would be a fun treat for all the kids. I was very nervous about how Georgia Kate would do at a movie since she is still a little too young, well she was great at the very beginning. I mean who wouldn't be great for some movie popcorn.
Needless to say the movie popcorn did not keep her interest for long, and neither did the movie. ;) GK was a huge fun of the movie lobby and running up and down the hall ways. Thank goodness because we were out there for a little over a hour. Well, I did bring her back in to the theater right before the credits started and she started dancing, clapping, and shouting yay! I think GK likes the beginning a movie with a little popcorn and the end of the movie with music. Well, not sure what the movie was like but I heard it was good. ;)

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