Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three Little Pigs

I guess since Tyler has been out of school for a week, it is time to wrap up his school year. Last Tuesday they had their end of the year performance and this year they did The Three Little Pigs, and it was short and very cute. Tyler loves performing in front of a full audience. Especially, when the audience has Ghee and Poppy and Nana and Papa were in town, as well. Such a special treat for Tyler and Georgia Kate.
Well, typical of year I had to rush Tyler to the bathroom at the end of the performance and get him ready for his T Ball game. Performance at 6 T Ball at 7. Thankfully the performance was short and the field was close to Ty's school.
I am now wishing I would have gotten pictures at the T Ball game, because that ended up being our last game of the season. We were thinking last Friday would be our last game the season but the other team had to forfeit the game so they went ahead and canceled it. We still are waiting on our trophy but what a fun Season Tyler had. As much fun as we have had with all the fun sports Ty has played this year I am so thankful we have the summer off.

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