Thursday, June 6, 2013


We wrapped up our first week of Swim Lessons today and Ty and Georgia Kate had so much fun. We can't wait to start again on Monday.
 I have seen lots of improvement with Tyler and yesterday afternoon when I was swimming with Tyler he loved showing me everything he was learning. Georgia Kate loves the water and she really loves the shallow part where she can stand and there are water toys, so she would be content to just stay there the whole time. She will get out and swim with me but usually it seems like a struggle. Basically, she likes swimming but she wants to do it on her own terms. ;) However, when we were swimming yesterday afternoon she did great... better than she does at lessons. What GK does love are swim suits.... she would wear hers all day if I let her.
So thankful for this special summer time with Tyler and Georgia Kate. We are having fun and trying our best to stay busy.

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