Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I always try to teach Tyler and Georgia Kate the importance of sharing. Well, I guess they are listening which is good. However, they shared the one thing I really don't like them sharing... GERMS!
All last week Ty was not really himself, so Thursday evening Ryan took Ty to the Urgent Care Clinic and he ended up having a throat infection. We got him on the antibiotics and he started acting like himself in no time. So thankful for that. 
 The Doctor did caution Ryan that it is contagious and she was right. Yesterday evening we did a repeat of Thursday with Georgia Kate. And the Doctor told me the same thing about it being contagious, and I feel like I am coming down with something.... NO!! 
 GK is starting to perk back up, as well. So thankful for a Clinic where we get walk right in and get taken care of quickly at the end of the day. We also found that Wallgreens lets you add a flavor of your choice to your medicine, well for a small charge. We think it is worth it for sure. Makes taking medicine a little smoother. 
Hopefully, Ty and GK have learned their lesson about sharing.... germs that is! 

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