Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mom and Me

On Wednesday afternoon I dropped Tyler off in Hillsbro with Ryan's Mom so Tyler could spend a few days in Keller with Ryan's family and go to VBS at their church. He has been having a blast but we ready for our biggest to be home.
Georgia Kate has had fun at home with just us, but I know she will be thrilled to see Tyler tomorrow. It was just me and Georgia Kate at swim on Thursday and Poppy made a surprise visit to watch GK in action. Thursday might have been her best day at swim, the last day.... of course. Poppy snapped some more pictures for us. We had a great two weeks of summer and will be hitting the pool a lot because it is already very hot.
We pick up Tyler (plus 3 more) tomorrow afternoon. We can't wait to see him. Our house is not the same with out him.
Our house will be a very full house tomorrow with 3 of Ty and GK's Cousins staying with us for a week. We will be very busy but I know fun will be had by all.

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Lisa said...

Love her curls!!! I think Sierra had that same swim suit at around the same age. Love it!