Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trophy Sister

Last Thursday was the Trophy Presentation for Tball. Tyler was out of town and we felt that we needed someone to represent Tyler. Well, what better person that his sister. Georgia Kate was tickled pink and did such a wonderful job filling in for Tyler. She was very proud of this trophy and carried it everywhere with her for the rest of the evening. I finally had to take it away from her, because I was afraid she might destroy before Tyler got to see it.
Tyler was very excited about seeing his trophy when he got home on Sunday. It is favorite one along with his basketball trophy. Well, we are surviving our week with 3 extra kids. It is very busy and we are always on the go doing exciting activities. We have already done lots of bike rides, Crossfit Kids, swimming, parks, field trip to Ryan's school,and a splash pad. We still have a movie and water park left on the agenda, and I'm sure some more of what has already been done. Thankfully, we are hosting our Churches Back Yard Bible Club this week so our evenings are busy.
The kids minus GK are ending their evening with popcorn and movie. A perfect ending to a fun and sometimes dramatic/tear filled day. ;)

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