Monday, June 10, 2013

Crossfit Kids

Tyler started Crossfit kids at Ryan's gym this morning and loved it. Tyler goes with Ryan a lot when he works out so it was really special for him to be able to work out there, too. Tyler will go to Crossfit Kids 3 times a week during the summer for 30 minutes. Georgia Kate was even dressed and ready for a work out, too. I think she will enjoy these summer work outs. There was only one other boy in the class with Ty, so they got a lot of one on one attention and had a great time together.
Ryan took today off so he could be there for Ty's first day, he was very excited about this opportunity as well. He is still working on me to jump ship and join, but I can't leave my gym. Regardless, I am thankful we both have a great place where we can work out with wonderful caring people.
After Crossfit it was time for swim lessons, and Ryan joined us for that as well. Between exercising and then swimming Georgia Kate was passed out in the car on the way from swim lessons. Not Tyler, he is swimming right now. Oh, to have all of his energy.   

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