Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swim Lessons

Today marked our first day of Swim Lessons. Tyler moved up a level and me and Georgia Kate are doing a Mom and Me class. I am sure that Ty would have been fine with out swim lessons this year, but since I wanted to get Georgia Kate started I put him in a class at the same time so it works out perfect and he keeps telling me how much fun he is having. I think there is always room for improvement.
I was reminded, yesterday over and over again just how thankful I am to have the Mom and Me Swim Lesson opportunity, again. I did them with Ty and I still remember our first time at UMHB for lessons with Tyler and I was huge pregnant with Landry and planning how the next year I would do a class with Landry while Ty was in his lesson.
 It still amazes me how fresh some memories are and just how bittersweet it was that next summer watching Ty and trying not to think that I should be in the water, too. I can tell that it is summer is here and July is approaching because my tends to ache a little more for our precious littlest.
 However, I look at these pictures and these precious faces and I can't help but thank God for his faithfulness and for restoring our hearts.
Overall day one was a success.... minus the complete meltdown from Georgia Kate at the end when I was changing her out of her bathing suit in to dry clothes, bad idea. Today we left the bathing suit on and she was a much happier camper. ;)

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