Thursday, January 24, 2013

15 Months

 I tried to take her goldfish away and she screamed LOUD, so she pretty much carried her snack cup with her everywhere at the park yesterday. I think our girl is turning in to a little drama queen. :)
 GK got her first little goose egg at the park yesterday. She cried for maybe a minute... she is a tough girl. You can kind of see it in the following 2 pictures. It looks so much better today. You have to watch her every move. ;)

Georgia Kate turned 15 months on Tuesday. My how time flies when you are having oh, so much fun. She truly is a absolute joy and we are so blessed that God blessed us with such a precious, daughter and sister. Every day is a adventure with GK because you never know what she will be up to or in to. She has so many names around our house: Georgia Kate, GK, Georgia, Beezus, Taz, Girl (Ty calls her this all the time), and Bee. We all adore everything about her, she is just plain CUTE and I think she knows it. :) Georgia Kate has brought so much hope and joy to our lives the past 15 months and we are so thankful for every single moment we have. I simply can't imagine not having her as apart of our family. We love you, Georgia Kate. You are amazing and a precious gift from God. I can't wait to watch you grow and grow.   

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