Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lion King

Last Sunday, Ty had a very special outing with his Ghee in Austin to see a Broadway Show. Ty saw the Lion King and this was also his first Broadway Show. Tyler was so excited about this special one on one time with his, Ghee. My Mom said Ty was mesmerized by everything when he walked in, and you can tell by the pictures that he looked a little unsure of it all, but my Mom said... don't let the face fool he he is having a great time.
I saw the Lion King the last time it came to Austin, and I was actually pregnant with Tyler. I love everything about Broadway and the shoes so I am tickled that Ty had his first taste of a Broadway show. He loved the first half, especially the elephant. He was done after intermission so they left a little early. ;) Plays take some getting used to. My parents offered to keep Ty over night, since he did not have school last Monday. My parents try really hard to have some one on one time with Ty, because he really needs it and he loves it.... plus, he loves being able to spend the night at their house. So thankful for sweet memories that Ty gets to create with his Ghee and Poppy. Such a special and fun outing, and Ty and GK have shirts, Simba, and Nala to remind them of Ty's first Broadway Play.       

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