Sunday, January 13, 2013

Favorite Thing

Ty is the STAR of his class this month. One of the questions for the STAR board was: What is your favorite thing to do: Basketball.
I am sure it will change next month when he starts Soccer and T-ball, but I love when he starts something new he just dives right in and it becomes his favorite thing.
Ryan was able to get one picture on Tuesday at Ty's first game. Coaching and taking pictures... impressive. They play again on Tuesday, and of course I will miss that one as well. :(
Georgia Kate loves basketball, too. I am sure it is her favorite thing right now, as well. What ever big brother likes. Although I am surprised they getting any practicing done when Georgia Kate is sitting right in the middle of the court... she loves all the attention. There is no practice tomorrow, so I know Ty and Georgia are going to be so disappointed that we don't have to go to Westphalia tomorrow afternoon.
So fun trying new things. I just hope we can keep up with all these different sports this year... it is going to be one busy spring.

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