Sunday, January 27, 2013

Donuts For Dads

On Friday morning Ty's school hosted Donuts for Dads. Ty loves this day because Daddy finally gets to take him to school. Ryan is usually gone before Ty leaves for school in the Morning, so days when Daddy can drive Ty to school are so special.
Ty had a great Morning showing his daddy off and having a special breakfast in his classroom with him. Ryan asked Ty after he had been there for a little bit if he was ready for him to leave and go to work and Ty said, yes. :) I guess that is always a good sign that he loves school and he is ok when we leave... that was not always the case with Tyler.
 Georgia Kate and I did our typical Friday Morning routine... heading to the gym. I love my gym and I am so thankful for the excellent child care they have and I love that GK loves going. Sometimes I have to tear her away from the toys when I am done with my work out.
It is hard to believe February is a few days away. The school year is flying by. That also means we are getting closer to Kindergarten... sniff, sniff. 

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