Sunday, January 13, 2013

She Strikes, Again

 Yesterday afternoon during lunch I walked back in to the kitchen to get drinks for Tyler and Georgia Kate and with in minutes I hear Tyler laughing and shouting "oh no". I walk around the corner to see our sweet, GK sitting on top of the table. Let me reassure you that she was strapped in to a booster seat when I walked out of the room. That girl is fast. :) I am guessing her peanut butter sandwich was not working for her so she thought she would try Ty's and also get some pretzels, as well.
So, It looks like we have a climber on our hands. Oh, our little mess.
Thank goodness for the weekend. I totally jinxed myself with my last post. Thursday and Friday mornings we were lucky that Ty made it to school, and on time.... barely. I guess getting back in to a routine takes a little getting used to. We have not had too much going on this weekend, and for that I am thankful. Ryan had a basketball tournament yesterday, but it was only two games and he was able to come home in between. Ty went with him to the last game. The cold weather is back so we are bundling up, once again.
Well, we have a busy week once again. That is why I am grateful for weekend like this so we can relax before the craziness of it all starts over.    

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