Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I know it has been week, but on Friday I Friday I felt like I was starting to sick, and sure enough Saturday I had a hard time getting out of bed and just felt awful. Ryan had a basketball Tournament in the morning so I laid in Tyler bed while the kids played together. Once Ryan came home he took over and I went to bed and slept. I ended up getting some sort of Tummy bug. I felt ok, Sunday but not great. Monday was a little better and yesterday and today were 10 times better. It is hard being Mom and getting sick. Thank goodness it happened over the weekend when I would have help.
With Tyler being out 3 days last week with a sinus infection and then me I really hope we are on the mend for a while... even. GK felt a little puny on Monday. I have never been more ready for Spring and Summer.
Monday was a School Holiday, so yesterday it felt great to get back in our weekly groove. I have been back to the gym... finally. Of course, I am behind on Laundry, Dishes, cleaning, and everything else but I am sure it will all get done and I feel caught up. Hmm.. not sure I ever feel completely caught up this year. There is always something to do.
But, I look at these precious kids and the absolute LOVE they have for one another and all else fades and does not seem important. Making memories and building a friendship is what is is all about.  

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