Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mid Week

We have made it to Wedneday and I think we are getting back in to our normal daily routine. I may jinx myself by saying this but our mornings have been running smooth and we are all ready earlier than we need to leave, so that is always a plus. Ty has been so excited about going every morning and he is having a great week. Georgia Kate has gone to the gym with me twice this week and even sat through a eye appointment with me, yesterday. I am still amazed at how good she was.
I had two evening commitments on Monday and Tuesday, and we are with out our home computer so I have to blog from my phone and I pad. Personally, I like blogging on our home computer, it is just easier for me. But, tonight there was no excuse not to blog, and Ryan always hates it when I go with posting something.
Tyler had basketball practice on Monday and his first game last night. Yes, last night. The night of JLBC's first board meeting of the year, a meeting I am in charge of. Horrible mother quilt. I still can't believe I had to miss Ty's ever first basketball game. Ryan is the Coach, so thankfully he was there and Ghee and Poppy were there so Ty was thrilled to have them. The worst part is all of his games are on Tuesday nights. I have to miss next week, as well. This is the hard part when it comes to JLBC this year. Ty had a blast last night, and I am so proud of him.
Well, that is a sneak in to our week. I hope the next couple of days are smooth.

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